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Do you Hear What I Hear? The Holidays is the Time for Online Sales

Holiday Sales2It’s no big surprise that the holidays are huge for retail. According to the latest study from eMarketer.com, last year alone the total sales for November and December in the U.S. were over $800 billion dollars.  Your customers may have already pre-orderd their holiday print jobs during the months of September and October, but it’s still a great time for you to offer specials to help them gear up for 2015. However, if you’re not equipped for ecommerce then you are missing a huge component in your sales arsenal. That same eMarketer.com study found that U.S. online holiday sales have grown 15% last year and will be growing another 16.6% this year as well.

Holiday Sales1

Considering that your clients will be trekking all over the city for the latest sold out gadget or toy, it makes sense that when it comes to ordering calendars, business cards and postcards that they will want to take care of their orders from the comfort of their homes. If you don’t have ecommerce set up or need to revamp your website, our branded websites are a great web-to-print solution that simplifies every step of the ordering process of your clients while instantly making your entire business more efficient.


With Zoo Printing’s branded website your site will feature the same full line of products as ours, including those previously mentioned, popular holiday items. The ability to customize the look and feel means that your site can prominently display those best sellers on the front page and provide a nice Season’s Greeting. If you already heavily order from us it just makes sense to choose a service that will help increase sales and reduce the time spent ordering from our website. To learn more about our branded websites select “Branded Websites” in our Services section or visit www.zooprinting.com/branded-website.

Announcing ZooApp 1.2

Zoo Printing continues to revolutionize mobile technology for print. ZooApp is the best mobile application available for the print industry and it keeps getting better. We just introduced version 1.2 that includes pricing for all print products and specs. Simply select the Pricing button when you log into ZooApp and scroll to the product you would like pricing for. Select the specs and turnaround you want and the pricing will automatically update in the calculator.

This new feature will be even more valuable in 6-8 weeks when we add in-app ordering for our complete print product line. Once you price the product of your choosing, simply tap on the + sign next to the turnaround of your choosing to place the order.

We will also be announcing some really cool features for viewing and ordering estimates in the new few months that will mean you truly will be able to do everything from your iPhone. There is no other app for printers with these capabilities.


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5% Off 1 & 2 Color Letterhead

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New Coating Options for 16 Pt C1S

Due to popular demand,  we replaced AQ coating on 16 Pt C1S stock with UV 1 side coating. This change shows in the pricing calculator of all products offering 16 Pt C1S stock.

Note: All pending custom estimates for 16 Pt C1S will be printed UV 1 side.

Vote for Yard Signs

Zoo Yard Sign

November elections are fast approaching and you’ve probably noticed yard signs popping up in your surrounding neighborhood. It is pretty amazing that out of all of the ways that a politician can advertise their campaign; yard signs are still one of the most recognized promotions going today. Politicians know this and spend big money to have yard signs to hand out to their voters. No matter what side of the fence you are on, an election party convention or rally would look very incomplete without seeing hundreds of signs in the audience.

In a recent experiment, conducted by Vanderbilt University, two professors printed yard signs for a fictional candidate “Ben Griffin” two months prior to the Metropolitan Nashville election. The signs were placed on a home near an elementary school and three days later a survey was given to the school’s parents. In the results, “Ben Griffin” was one of the top three choices by nearly a quarter of the respondents.

Yard signs are not just for elections. They have a variety of different uses all year round for this large format item. Sport fans can use yard signs to proudly display their favorite team’s logo and colors. Realtors especially use yard signs as well as rider signs to list properties and provide information on buying and leasing. As previously reported both here and here, yard signs mixed with a contour cut can be used for festive occasions and don’t necessarily have to be on one’s yard to be effective.

We offer yard signs with contour cut on our website (http://www.zooprinting.com/products/yard-signs) as well as rider signs (http://www.zooprinting.com/products/rider-signs).

Tips for Direct Mail

Earlier this month, we discussed how effective a direct mail campaign could be for a business. This week, I want to present some helpful tips for how to effectively put together a direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail Info Graphic Layout

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5% Off Tear Cards

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Print Can Be Fun! (And It Might Even Win You Some Cool Stuff)

When thinking about the purposes of Large Format printing, one immediately thinks of using Large Format to help get businesses noticed and attract new clients. However, check out one of our team member’s smart use of Large Format. He printed a giant head of Anaheim Ducks hockey player Ryan Getzlaf and shared it on Twitter to win free tickets to the game last week!

Did you see him on TV?

Large Format can be much more than simple yard signs and vinyl banners. Getzlaf’s head is printed on Coroplast, used for yard signs, with contour cut.