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Tips for Direct Mail

Earlier this month, we discussed how effective a direct mail campaign could be for a business. This week, I want to present some helpful tips for how to effectively put together a direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail Info Graphic Layout

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Print Can Be Fun! (And It Might Even Win You Some Cool Stuff)

When thinking about the purposes of Large Format printing, one immediately thinks of using Large Format to help get businesses noticed and attract new clients. However, check out one of our team member’s smart use of Large Format. He printed a giant head of Anaheim Ducks hockey player Ryan Getzlaf and shared it on Twitter to win free tickets to the game last week!

Did you see him on TV?

Large Format can be much more than simple yard signs and vinyl banners. Getzlaf’s head is printed on Coroplast, used for yard signs, with contour cut.


Make your Halloween even Spookier with Large Format and Contour Cuts

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about all the great decorations that one can create with just a little imagination and some large format products. For example, you may think of yard signs as something for just realtors and elections, but with the right images and contour cuts, one can fill their lawn with black cats, skeletons and have a pumpkin patch without the messy carvings.

Halloween blog1What about something bigger and freestanding to greet your guests? With presentation board, you have the option of foam-core, gator or gloss board to bring your tall Frankenstein monster or witch to life. Make is even more fun with cutout face holes for some funny photo ops.


As your guests approach the house, you can guide them up to the front door with contour cut floor graphics. They are also great for decorating the inside of the house as well too. Nothing creepier or more Halloween appropriate than having bats and spiders to accompany your every step.

Halloween blog3

The windows are a great space as well for Halloween decorations. With window cling, the synthetic material is easy to place and eventually peel off. The contour cuts allow you create some cool designs that set the scene for what to expect when your guests step inside.

Halloween blog4

Last but certainly not least are walls decals. Just like window cling and floor graphics, contour cuts allow you to let your imagination go wild. You can create a series of small images to line the walls or you can go big and create something up to 15 feet tall!

Halloween blog5

You can find more on all of these great items by visiting the large format section of our product listings. They are all available with optional contour cuts and with either next day or 2-3 day production turnaround.



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Wait a Minute Mister Postman: How Direct Mail Delivers Business

Wait a Minute Mister Postman: How Direct Mail Delivers Business

When it comes to marketing and advertising, businesses of all sizes have a variety of options. The digital age has put a focus on low cost methods such as eMail, eNewsletters, Online Videos, Social Media and Banner Ads. However, when it comes to bringing in new business, studies show that traditional mailing services are still one of the most effective means of making an impact.

Studies on Direct Mail alone show that there is a receptive audience. For example, Print in the Mix’s research summary of direct marketing found that 76% of the people surveyed say that they read Direct Mail from retailers. 86% of the women surveyed in the age range of 35-49 responded most favorably to Direct Mail and are considered the most dedicated Direct Mail readers of the groups surveyed.

Younger demographics are influenced by Direct Mail as well. ExactTarget’s Channel Preference Study discovered that 75% of 25 to 34-year-olds and 62% of 18 to 24-year-olds said they made a purchase as the result of Direct Mail. In a 2013 study on the overall responses to Direct Mailing, the Direct Marketing Association found that 79% of consumers say they will act on Direct Mail immediately compared to the 45% who say they deal with email straightaway.

Direct Mailing services are effective when you deliver valuable information including a call to action to each potential customer’s address. While an email can be received and deleted without even a glance, a nice, big postcard is more likely to seen and read. If you want to be aggressive, it’s smart to offer a deep discount with the knowledge that a portion of these first time customers will develop into long-term relationships.

Check out some Direct Mailing tips from our website (zooprinting.com/direct-mail). You can also find more information on Direct Mail and EDDM by visiting the USPS site at www.usps.com/business/send-mail-for-business.htm.

Direct Mail Info Graphic Layout

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Survey Says…Signs, Banners and Large Format are Big Sellers

In the past, the biggest sellers in print have always been Offset products while Large Format was more of a niche market. As print production has evolved, the cost of Large Format print has lowered, making it more affordable and faster to produce. While 4-Color Offset will always be around and needed, the most recent National Print Owners Association (NPOA) Business Climate Survey shows that Offset is in a sales decline and that the big growing market is in offering Signs, Banners and Large Format products.

Survey Say_Signs-Banners-Large Format-Big Sellers

If you want to know more about large format and how it can help grow your business, see the Large Format dropdown menu at the top of the page.

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Pictures from Graph Expo 2014

About to start Day 3 of Graph Expo. Below you can find some photos taken of Zoo Printing from our booth #3842. If you happen to be at the show, stop by to learn about the new additions to our lineup of large format and promotional products.

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