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Sometimes Bigger Really Is Better: The Importance of Large Format

Large Format Growth Chart

Last year, InfoTrends surveyed key U.S. decision-makers in the advertising, entertainment, events, healthcare, hospitality and retail field, regarding the purchase of large format products. The results of the survey showed that large format made up a sixth of the overall marketing budget for these businesses with many buyers looking to increase their large format spending. InfoTrends also sees large format retail as a growth market with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9%, reaching 23.6 billion by 2016.

When you take into account the diverse line of large format products available today, it is easy to understand why there is growing interest from many business owners. If you think that large format only consists of big vinyl banners and trade show displays, you’re missing out on potential solutions for many of your clients. Here are just a few examples of some very popular large format items:

Backlit Film – Weather proof and sturdy, backlit film are great for outdoor and especially nighttime use. Backlits are commonly seen at movie theaters, bus stops and menu displays.

Yard and Rider Signs – Not the first thing you think of when imagining large format, but both yard and rider signs are almost everywhere. Yard signs in particular are especially around election time, while both are vital for the realty industry.

Floor Graphic – Instead of looking to hang a large sign high in the air, maybe the best solution is to keep it grounded. Floor Graphics and great for promoting a company’s brand and message across any flat surface.

Wall Decals – Like floor graphics, wall decals can be applied to any flat wall or window surface. They are an excellent means for businesses to promote a special sale or event. Best of all, they are easy to set up and remove.

Foam and Gator Board – Literally a stand out in any business environment, foam and gator boards can be customized and cut to draw attention to products or special promotions. These Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays are very commonly used in the retail industry.

Vehicle Decal and Magnets – Again, maybe not the first thing you think of for large format, but if you commute daily, you’ve likely seen vehicle signage for everything from catering to plumbing. Mobile and highly visible, vehicle decals and magnets can be applied to any car, truck, delivery van or even large semis.

As mentioned, this is just a short list of large format products used everyday. If you want to know more about large format and how it can help grow your business, visit www.zooprinting.com to see our full list of large format products with descriptions, recommendations and marketing tips.

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The Power of Promo

In a new October tradition, General Mills is shaking things up for their monster cereals this Halloween. This year a number of comic book professionals are illustrating limited edition versions of the cereal mascots. DC Comics co-publisher,  Jim Lee, will create his version of Boo Berry; fan favorite Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son) takes on Franken Berry; and husband and wife team Terry & Rachel Dodson (Uncanny X-Men) will remake Count Chocula.

From a promotional standpoint, this is a great marketing idea. Regardless of whether you eat any General Mills cereals, the vast majority of people in the U.S. recognize these characters. By creating a set of limited edition boxes, General Mills is able to attract the attention of past customers, comic book fans and speculators who are looking to flip these collector items on Ebay. By taking something familiar and adding a fresh spin, a company can open itself to a whole new audience. One has to be careful though of copyright infringement when deciding on creating a promotional product. Disney’s lawyers for example, are notorious for going after anything that they feel is a copyright infringement.

Another recent example of promotional marketing is the Zoo Printing Animal Cracker boxes seen at print trade conventions. We found both a common theme and an iconic image that most Americans identify.  From the images, you can see how we put our own stamp on the ingredient and cover image sections. In addition to attracting attention, these boxes also shows the type of promotional products that we can supply to printers who are looking to expand their selection of services to other businesses.

We currently offer 20 different promotional categories and expect to launch 100 categories by the end of 2014.


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Announcing Several Awards From Proforma

We’re proud to announce a number of awards given to us by Proforma, the #1 Top Distributor in the print and promotional industry according to Promo Marketing Magazine.

In March, Zoo Printing was invited to attend the 2014 Million Dollar Club Trip in Riviera Maya and was recognized with the Most Valuable Preferred Limited Partner (PLP) Award. The Million Dollar Club was launched in 1990 to recognize the company’s owners who exceeded $1 million in annual sales. The club now has more than 15 members that exceed $5 million in yearly revenues.

Most recently, at Proforma’s 27th Annual Convention & Family Reunion in Grapevine, TX, Zoo Printing was awarded the Best Emerging PLP and the Centurion PLP prize for year-over-year sales growth in excess of $100,000.

Rest assured that we have plenty more in store for all of our franchise partners in 2014. Look for future announcements regarding new Large Format and Promotional Products, as well as updates to ZooApp and the launch of AutoRip, our fully automated system to increase production and turn-around time for our clients.


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What’s coming this month

Here’s what we are launching this month:

New Branded Website: Basic for $395 available now

Posters: UV 1-side available now

Large Format Products: 10 new products coming this month

Promotional Products: 10+ new product lines coming this month

Faster Turnaround on Spot UV: 2-3 Day turnaround for the same price as 7 day available later this month (from KY and CA)

AutoRip: In development and expected to be released in September

Look for more big news next month!