Time Management Has Never Been More Efficient for a Print Broker

As a Print Broker or Graphic Designer who brokers print you may have at one time struggled to manage your time efficiently. Those days are long gone. Today we live in a competitive wholesale print industry that has gone digital.

There was once a time not long ago when we would have to physically take digital files to our printer because bandwidth was once considered a luxury. A few days later if not a week later we would go back to our printer to review proofs or even do a press check if you were lucky enough to work with a printer who allowed it, providing there were no delays due to a press going down, you would then go pick up your print order.

After you pick up your client’s print order you would then arrange a drop-off at his or her office location or meet and an undisclosed location to deliver the printed product and receive payment for a job well done!

Wholesale Printing Zoo


In today’s digital world the print industry by and large no longer works this way due to better and faster technology.

In 2017 and beyond “Time Management” or as we now call it now “Digital Speed & Efficiency” is the new name of the game. Today you can have your client approve artwork online, you can now place a print order and send artwork all online and not to mention many wholesale print companies are now offering free local delivery.

If you have a sizeable database of business associates and friends you can actually earn some really great profits in the wholesale print industry right from a small office or home without ever owning a printing press.

Wholesale Printing

Wholesale Printing

If you’re waiting for job opportunities as a sales broker or graphic designer you might want to consider wholesale printing as a opportunity that you can start right away.

Often times an opportunity can become a career change.


By Fred Anthony Smith
Web Marketing Supervisor
Zoo Printing



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