The Small But Mighty Business Card

The Business Card – an often underestimated workhorse of networking and yet can be a powerful tool in forging new business relationships. However, many people have never stopped to think about the rules regarding the small but mighty card. Remember these 3 tips before you hand over your contact information in the business world:

1. Make an Impact. A good business card is sturdy, informative and makes it easy for the recipient to interact with you therefore remembering you.

The Small But Mighty Business Card

2. Expect the Unexpected. Nothing makes a bad first impression than handing someone a beat up business card that was buried at the bottom of your purse. That’s not a good 1st impression, obviously, but one that conveys a lack of preparation.

A better 1st impression is to swiftly pull out a pristine business card and handing it over to your new connection as you begin the interaction process with your new potential business relationship.

3. Be Respectful. If possible, begin an interview or professional exchange by politely handing your card to the others in the meeting. No one likes pushing business people who stick their card in your face and say “Here! Take My Card.”

So, the next time someone hands you a card that does not meet the definition of a great looking business card, remember Zoo Printing, we offer an array of business card types including many different quantities to choose from.  We are the leading print wholesaler in the print trade industry with award winning customer support and the highest print quality standards available.  We are ready to put “Profits in your Pocket!”

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