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The Morning After: What Trump Win Means for the Printing Industry

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Republican presidential elect Donald Trump

PHILADELPHIA — November 9, 2016 — In what many considered the most divisive election in modern times, American voters have spoken: Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as America’s 45th president in January and the Republican Party will maintain majority control of both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Also of interest is what the election results will likely mean for people who make their livings working in the graphic arts industry.

To gain some perspective both from what it means for printing companies, as well as for industry suppliers, Michael Makin, president and CEO of Printing Industries of America, and Mark Nuzzaco, government affairs director at NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, weighed in. “The immediate response is that our country now needs to come together. It’s important that everyone gets behind our government,” notes Makin, who cites the need for laws and regulations that are pro-business and that drive the economy forward. “As so goes a strong economy, so goes a strong printing industry. [Trump and the Republican Party have] a huge task, but also a huge opportunity to drive an agenda.”

Makin remains hopeful that Trump delivers on his promise to reduce government regulation and oversight, including less invasive OSHA inspections at printing companies and the repeal of onerous EPA environmental regulations that persisted during the Obama administration.

In terms of Trump’s pledge to scrap the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Makin points out that the majority of U.S. printing companies do not participate in the health insurance exchange network when it comes to insuring their full-time employees. With that said, however, printing company business owners — and their employees — are quite concerned with rising health care premiums and deductibles. So, a fresh look by Trump and the newly elected 115th Congress at how the U.S. health care system can be reformed and made more affordable would certainly be one step in the right direction.

Nuzzaco agrees that although Obamacare has brought some good things, like the elimination of pre-existing conditions and the ability to extend health coverage for children to age 26, rate increases for printing company owners who provide employee health insurance plans continue to skyrocket out of control.

Nuzzaco is also hopeful that Trump follows through on his promise to lower tax rates for small businesses, while also pointing to the need to allow 100% expensing of capital equipment expenditures and a reduction in corporate tax rates. Trump has proposed a 15% corporate tax rate (vs. a high at 35%), but since many small businesses are creates as S corporations, LLCs and limited partnerships, there are no guarantees at this point that such a reduction would necessarily apply to these types of smaller businesses.

The passage of Postal Reform during the Lame Duck session of Congress remains a key industry initiative as well, according to Nuzzaco, even though it’s admittedly not a high visibility topic among the general public. He is also concerned with some of Trump’s anti-trade sentiments. NPES remains strongly in favor of passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but Nuzzaco notes that both Trump and Hillary Clinton had voiced their opposition to the trade pact while on the the campaign trail, even though it was supported by President Obama.

As a long-time political watcher, Nuzzaco does believe it will be somewhat easier overall for Trump to advance his agenda with the support of a Republican-controlled Congress. With that said, he questions whether rank-and-file Republican lawmakers will automatically fall in line with Trump, who campaigned on a platform as being a quintessential Beltway outsider. “Inter-party fighting may become intra-party fighting.There will be tensions between Congress and the White House,” he predicts. “And there will still be a need for compromise to settle differences and power struggles between different factions within the Republican party.

“And, like in this case, when there’s a unified [Republican controlled] government, they own the outcome,” Nuzzaco quips. “They can’t scapegoat the opposition.”



By Mark Michelson
“This post originally appeared on Printing Impressions.”

3 Ways for B2B’s to Get the Most Out of Cyber Monday

They’re everywhere…in your inbox, on social media profiles, and nearly everywhere else you look. The madness builds on a already stressful holiday season.

The vast majority of promotions, are given by retailers rather than manufacturers and suppliers, who are competing for the lowest price and most creative offer to take advantage of the estimated $3.8B spent on Cyber Monday.

B2C sales, whether online or brick-and-mortar, lends itself to promotions. The transactions are simple. B2B, on the other hand, faces challenges across accounting, inventory, specialized contracts and discounting, order fulfillment, multiple shipping locations, and more. It’s just too complex and risky to take on mass-produced promotional campaigns.

Yet, with all the attention, wouldn’t it be nice if B2B brands could indeed share a piece of this vast pie?

3 Ways to Take Advantage of Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday

Vinyl BannersBrochures w/ Free FoldingDigital Posters


1. Supply Email Content That Supports Your Retailers

Quite likely, your customers are planning for Cyber Monday, but do they have everything in place for their promotions? This can be a stressful process for many retailers.

Your retailers with eCommerce stores, for example, will need to have a well rounded strategy for handling (and testing for) increased website visits, assuring products have the necessary details laid out that consumers demand, plus an understanding on how to convert these seasonal shoppers into year-round customers.

What content via whitepapers, product or instructional videos, email newsletters, etc. can you provide your customers to support their efforts? Educate your retailers with the education they need, and their success will transfer into better customer relationships and increased business over the long haul.

Cyber Monday

Vinyl Banners
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2. Make An Important Announcement

Are you hosting a large event in the near future? Launching a new product? Making key internal staffing decisions? The time between Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be the best time for the announcement. In fact, Statistics show 90% of employees will be checking their email inboxes for Cyber Monday deals. This means that your customers will have their eyes on their email. Why not leverage this rare attentiveness to email by making an announcement you want your customers to hear.


3. Give In, Hold a Promotion

If you have the right B2B solution, you can considering offering promotional discounts. If you go this route, be sure to follow these holiday email tips via Mailchimp, who send and track the statistics of millions of holiday emails every year. Key action items to focus on:

  • Email open rates actually decrease during the holidays (likely due to email overload).
  • In response, you’ll need to give a nearly “uncomfortable” promotion or discount to combat this.
  • Create promotions based on your best customers.
  • Lastly, make sure you optimize for a great mobile experience.

Cyber Monday

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As consumers, we’re all bombarded with promotional messaging during this time of the year. As B2B brands, it can be a very difficult time of the year to stand out and gain attention within all the noise. However, if you align your holiday marketing calendar around the needs of your most important customers––and assuring them that you providing them real value––will help you stand apart, improve customer relationships, and in the end drive more sales.











Debate Aside, Trump Wins Over Printing Industry, According to NAPCO Survey

Via Flickr user DonkeyHotey


In case you missed it, there was a debate this week between Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It’s almost unanimously agreed by political pundits that Clinton won the debate, however, according to a study completed in August 2016 by NAPCO Media Research (NAPCO is the parent company of Printing Impressions), Trump is winning big among printing industry execs.

In fact, out of the four industries polled — nonprofits, consumer electronics, promotional products and printing — Clinton trailed Trump by at least 20% in three of those industries (nonprofit business leaders being the only outlier with Clinton support clocking in at 53% and Trump being 34%, the rest undecided).

The survey, which polled 810 business executives, was designed to reveal how business leaders across multiple industries intend to support the two candidates come the November election. Overall, 54% of respondents support Trump, while 32% support Clinton and 14% noted that they are undecided — although after Monday night’s debate some of those undecided voters may have joined one camp or the other.

Out of the four industries polled though, Trump benefitted most from the printing industry respondents — which may not be surprising considering our industry is male-dominated, which in large part makes up Trump’s supporter base. At 62% support, Clinton saw support from only 28% of the printing industry, while 10% remain undecided.

When asked how passionate each respondent is about their Presidential choice, again the printing industry stands out. While most of the industries answered that they support their choice either “extremely” of “very much,” Clinton supporters in the printing industry, based on poll responses, revealed that they only support her “half-heartedly.” This, as the survey points out, could be because some of the respondents will not support Trump but support Clinton reluctantly.

Although it appears that many respondents are passionate about their choice for President, 31% of Trump supporters responded to the survey that they plan to vote for him because they do not believe in the alternative choice, whereas 46% of Clinton supporters have thrown their weight behind her because she is “the best of what’s available.”

Again, this is where the printing industry differs slightly from the rest of the pool, based on survey responses. Although the printing industry respondents show the widest support for the Republican candidate, 35% do so because they don’t believe in the alternative.


Trump Wholesale Printing


Similar to the other industries polled, the top-of-mind issue that drove printing industry respondents to support their choice was the economy, followed by national security. When asked which candidate will be better for the U.S. economy, while 63% overall answered Trump, 70% of the printing execs — the largest percentage of any of the four industries — believe that Trump would be a better President when it comes to growing the economy.

While this study obviously does not reflect every view of every printing industry executive, it does reveal that there is a large group of Trump supporters among our audience. It also shows that the economy remains a top-of-mind issue for the printing industry.







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