June, 2017

3 Steps to Selling Wholesale Printing Products

In the wholesale printing industry people obviously want what you’re selling. They also need what you’re selling. However, we have to step-up our game in order to scale in today’s print industry. That means we want a seat at the cool kids table with the designers.

How to Sell Printing Products

Zoo Printing your Wholsale Print Choice

A good wholesale printer will go beyond just selling, instead they will provide solutions.

If you’re over 40 you remember the golden age of the print industry. Back when you could drop by any small print shop and ask for a bid on one of your printing projects. And there was likelihood you would get your price or at the least something very close to where you and the printer felt that both parties benefited from the job.

But those days are gone.

Today customers have options. They don’t think they need your specific printing operation–the internet and the rise of major printing stores like Staples have given them a ton of options for print. If begin the sales approach by asking to bid for their project, we’ve given our print buyer the easiest out by simply saying our prices are much too high.

Step One: Start Selling Solutions

Customers don’t need printers who are doing the exact same thing they’ve always done. Most likely, if you can’t end your sales call with something of value to your print buyer, stop what you’re doing.

We have to learn how to sell printing products in the 21st century. And that means solving customers’ problems. For instance, for every dollar a print buyer spends on print, there’s $20 being spent in using it. So we should help the print buyer lower that usage cost or increase the value of the printed piece–and be technically superior to the competition. If it can’t stand uniquely then it can too easily get lost in the clutter of everyday print media.

Clients aren’t looking for printing products and services like in the past, they’re looking to scale their business, get more customers, increase revenue, offer alternative marketing products, have a successful trade show or improved communications. That should be the focus of the sales call or meeting. Which means a little work is necessary before the sales call so it shows you’ve done your homework on their organization. Help them increase their sales and your own growth will follow organically.

Step Two: Find the Right Customers

Zoo Printing Solutions for Printers

Engaging with your clients and fulfilling their needs to scale is much better than just selling print.

You everything you need at your disposal to get all the information you find new prospects. A company’s website is the window to what’s going on or not going on within the organization. You just need to read between the lines to see what the company truly values. A little research can go a long way, for example, scan through the company’s history, look at recent news articles, discover their upcoming events and understand the language they use to present their products and services. More than likely, you’ll get all the contact information you need of the decision makers.

After you have went through all the company’s relevant website pages start researching their social media accounts to fully understand what your customers and prospects are discussing on LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and Facebook. Don’t disregard more traditional methods such as business journals and job postings. This tells you what industries and companies are growing.

Believe or not, the library is rich with prospect data. Libraries typically pay for subscriptions to extensive business databases such as Redbooks. Reference librarians will help you dig to get the data you want about particular prospects. These librarians love to dig for information so there’s a good chance they’ll keep working on your request long after you’re gone.

There’s also traditional networking and aligning yourself with associations to locate potential clients for more printing projects.

Step Three: Go Above and Beyond

The key to selling print in today’s ultra competitive environment is to build a brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Equally important, create a prospecting process like no other in your industry. Create a pro-active environment of educating your customers, speaking their language and tell them how you’re going to solve their problems.

Start small then scale. Go find three to five prospects, do your due diligence on those companies, create your prospect process, make some friendly calls and knock on doors if needed. Maybe even send a handwritten note. But above all, stop selling print–and start selling all the ways that your printing company can help other businesses grow their bottom line and you will have a client for life.

Have a prosperous year!