May, 2017

Could Microsoft Change the Online Wholesale Printing Business?

Microsoft held its annual Build developer’s conference last week, in Seattle.

The online wholesale printing industry could greatly benefit from Microsoft’s newest OS updates. Microsoft made several announcements and released more than just a few new platforms, features, and tools developers can use to create modern applications of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Officially Microsoft announced their new OS “Microsoft Build 2017 the Creators Update”

After viewing the conference live it seems to me that the future is already here. We no longer will be tied to our office desktops according to Microsoft. Today there is interactivity like no one has ever seen before!

How does this news affect the online wholesale print industry? As we all know in today’s mobile first world people are always on the move, this new update allows for seamless flow which is great news for graphic designers, print brokers and alike. You now can work on a project across all devices very seamlessly. WIN Fall Creators Update could potentially change the print industry for creator’s specifically those providing graphic design and print services for their clientele. Wholesale Printing Zoo

For example, lets say you have a client who likes to meet face to face (we all have them) mostly to edit artwork or print layout. Let’s say you were up all night working on your clients project, woke up late, ran out the door only to realize that when you met up with your client you forgot to email the artwork to your Dropbox or email. With Microsoft’s new update this scenario will never be a problem again because the last save you made is now available on all your devices.

For the online wholesale print industry this adds efficiency throughout the creative process where your not stuck in front of your desktop which in turn will eventually increase orders and obviously sales. Millennials have no desire to be tethered to any office workstation; it’s just not in their DNA.

No more excuses for in-house developers

When discussing the principles of physics, inertia is just a fact of bodies in motion—it is neither good nor bad. In the business world however, inertia can be disastrous to enterprises, especially when it comes to the deployment of new and better technologies.

The platforms, features, and tools discussed at Build 2017 were no longer abstract, nearly pie-in-the-sky concepts, but usable, physical things that developers can take advantage of right now. Microsoft is no longer selling dreams of the future to developers—it is selling the current reality—and developers, businesses, and just about everyone else better take notice.

If your business sales are for the most part online sales you should be prepared to either embrace this new technology for doing business or get left behind. One sure lesson to be taken away from Build 2017 for businesses, it is just this: There are very few plausible and defend-able excuses for not modernizing your systems and applications anymore.

Of course, cost versus benefit is always plausible, but you may want to run the numbers again, because some of the variables have changed. Enterprises can no longer play the “development would be too time-consuming and difficult” card and call it a day. Microsoft’s Azure intelligent cloud product, in particular, provides the tools that make deploying applications and even entire systems as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Have an old application that is dependent on .NET run-time protocols? Put it into a container and deploy it to Azure. Need to create a globally distributed database for your enterprise? Create it in a few clicks. Want to integrate AI into your marketing mix not a problem. In essence you could very easily say, “Welcome to Web 3.0!”