March, 2017

6 Benefits to Building a B2B Print Business

If your looking to partner up with a wholesale printer that allows you to service the Business to Business industry we think that these 6 great benefits outlined
below could help you make that leap into the B2B world.Komori Press

1) Scalability – An effective B2B print solution will enable your company to scale easily to meet customer needs and demands by opening new sales channels and continuously reaching new market segments in a modern competitive marketplace.


2) Improved brand awareness – Improve brand identity in the market place comes with being a B2B. Developing web pages that can be indexed by Google and other search engines is a fast way to improve your site’s search engine optimization. This will improve the likelihood that your target audience will discover who you are very quickly.

Scale with Zoo Printing



3) Increased sales – You will not only reach new customers, B2B also allows you to easily implement an automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendation system, that can efficiently offer with relevant suggestions to customers on the site and encouraging them to purchase related print products.



4) Customer experience – has set the standard for providing a very exceptional ordering experience. Today’s online buyer experience expects, an Amazon-like experience. To remain relevant, print brokers need to employ intuitive mobile friendly design, rich content, and interactive functionality in their websites not mention a strong social media presence.


B2B Business with Zoo Printing5) Exceptional customer service – B2B provides B2B print businesses improved customer service initiatives. B2B sites often times provide access to self-service web sites that include account access, ordering, incentives, history, specials and tracking information. Through integration with an organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a robust e-commerce site can display customer specific products, services and pricing based on customer login history and credentials.


6) Multi-site capability – Launching a successful e-commerce site is not easy but if you can find the right B2B wholesale printer with the right B2B e-commerce platform life will be much easier. This allows you to own your own co-branded website for penny’s on the dollar without ever needing to build it or maintain it yourself not to mention the costs of never having to outlay for equipment or delivery expenses.