July, 2016

Selecting the Right Trade Show Products For Your Business

Trade Show ProductsTrade shows are a great opportunity for face-to-face interaction with your customers and prospects, but what happens when they leave? If you and your company are forgotten as soon as they step out the door, you haven’t gained anything.

Promotional giveaway items keep your company name in front of customers as well as other people they encounter who could become prospects. Use these tips to choose trade show products that provide maximum value in boosting your brand’s visibility. Continue reading →

7 Great Print Ads And What Makes Them Special

Great Print AdsWhile there are a number of examples of inventive and unique print ads, they are all connected by a foundation of basic marketing principles. Text and images can be used to evoke an emotional response without even showing the product or service being advertised.

Here are seven examples of great print ads that succeed in conveying a specific message about a product or service. Use these ideas to spark your own creative fires.

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