June, 2016

Creating Files For Your Print Work

Files For Your Print WorkWhen placing an order with a trade printer, the job doesn’t begin until you have submitted your work in print-ready files. This ensures that your copy is compatible with the print process and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

If your files are not up to standard, they will be returned to you, which extends turnaround time and may compromise your deadline. Here’s a checklist outlining the necessary steps to properly prepare¬†the files for your print work.

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Psychology Of Designing The Perfect Brochure

Psychology Of Designing The Perfect BrochureTo date, no one has come up with a magic spell to convert leads to customers, but you can still have an ace up your sleeve. Researchers have established solid psychological principles that govern people’s responses to text, graphics and other elements that make up a marketing brochure.

Fortunately, you don’t need to keep a psychologist on retainer to take advantage of these concepts. Here are some of the best tips for designing the perfect brochure that makes prospects receptive to your brand and nudges them into a buying decision. Continue reading →

7 Tips for Effective Promotional Brochures

7 Tips for Effective Promotional BrochuresPeople are attracted by visuals, and they like having something they can hold in their hands. Brochures are a perfect marriage of both features, making them a great vehicle to promote your business and strengthen your brand.

Reworking brochures is expensive and time-consuming, so get it right the first time.

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Printing Turnaround Times Explained

Printing Turnaround Times ExplainedWhen hiring a trade printer or discussing an order, you will hear frequent references to printing turnaround time. ¬†You probably realize it has to do with the job’s completion, but you might not understand how turnaround time is calculated or how certain elements can impact it.

Print jobs are often time-sensitive, and late delivery can cause a ripple effect through other parts of your marketing program.

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