March, 2016

Designing A Great Retail Sales Catalog

Designing A Great Retail Sales CatalogThere was a time when thick, glossy retail sales catalogs were a regular part of mail delivery to American households. The most iconic of these, the Sears Roebuck and Co. catalog, offered everything from clothing to appliances to prefab homes.

Today, thanks to cutting-edge technology and the rise of the Internet, online marketing has replaced catalog sales. Or has it? Retailers have discovered a synergy between online and catalog sales, with nearly 50 percent of consumers browsing catalogs before making a website purchase. In fact, popular e-commerce sites like One Kings Lane and Birchbox are turning to print catalogs as a way of increasing their reach and bringing in new customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average catalog costs less than $1 to print and generates $4 in sales. With that type of return, it pays to put in the effort to design an attractive and effective retail sales catalog using these helpful tips. Continue reading →

Key Questions To Ask When Designing Signs and Banners

Signs and Banners from Zoo PrintingSigns and banners are such a ubiquitous sight that you might think designing them is a no-brainer. In fact, that’s actually the reason why you do need to invest some time and careful thought into your own signs and banners. Well-designed printed materials stand out to get your message heard over and above those of your competitors.

According to a survey conducted by FedEx Office, more than 50 percent of small business owners consider signs and graphics to be an effective part of their marketing. Somewhat surprisingly, business owners from the Millennial generation between ages 18 and 34 value signage above traditional marketing tools such as direct mail.

Your signs and banners get only one chance to make a good first impression. Use these questions to create signage that enhances your brand and brings customers to your door. Continue reading →

7 Ways to Make Brochures for Your Business More Effective

7 Ways to Make Brochures for Your Business More EffectiveAs social media and portable tech devices have become more ingrained in everyday life, many companies have turned to content marketing to promote their brand and generate and convert leads.

But people like “real” materials that they can hold in their hands, so there is still significant value to traditional marketing tools such as brochures.

While a brochure is a good leave-behind to keep your product or service in front of customers, the best ones are more than simply a vehicle for a logo and a couple of pictures. If you’re going to the trouble and expense of printing a brochure, make sure it’s consistent with your brand and delivers a compelling message.

Although content varies, great brochures have a number of elements in common. Use these tips to design a brochure that triggers a buying decision from your customers.

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How To Design a World Class Logo for Your Business

Design World Class Logo for Your BusinessIt’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that idea more evident than with a logo. A well-designed logo sums up a company’s brand and makes a promise to customers about what they can expect from the company’s product or services.

Think of the more memorable logos in the marketplace: McDonald’s golden arches. Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s eponymous fruit. They have become so well-identified with their companies that you don’t even need to see the name to know what they represent.

One of the keys to a great brand and a great logo is consistency. Frequent alterations to a logo muddle the message and diminish credibility. When you’re ready to design your company’s logo, use these tips to create a world class logo that you can display proudly.

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5 Characteristics of A Great Business Card

Characteristics of Great Business CardThe best business cards convey far more than just the printed letters and numbers inside the 3.5 x 2-inch borders. Your card represents you and your brand, and it’s literally what your customers carry away from a meeting or sales call with you. Shouldn’t it say enough to make you stand out from your competition?

Experimenting with business cards until you get the results you want can be expensive, time-consuming and counterproductive. It’s worth the time it takes to carefully consider the different elements of what makes a great business card and get it right the first time.  You may consider engaging a graphic designer to craft the look of your business card.

Whether you hire someone or design it yourself, here are five characteristics of a business card that will make people remember you and your brand.

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