February, 2016

Key Things To Look For In A Trade Printer

Key Things To Look For In Trade PrinterWhen you engage a trade printer, it’s with an eye toward establishing a working relationship, not for an isolated job order. You’re looking for someone with whom you can share a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership based on trust, efficiency and quality work.

It’s worth the time and effort to carefully evaluate your options. Use this checklist as a guide to the attributes you should seek in a top trade printer.

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How To Leverage Online & Offline Conversations to Drive Sales

How To Leverage Online Offline Conversations With any business (not just the printing business), any conversation that you have about your brand is an opportunity to make a sale. Unfortunately, treating any conversation with a customer purely as a means to produce a profit is a poor business model.

Leveraging online and offline conversations for your business the right way requires treating them like…well, like conversations – but ones with very distinct goals.

Let’s take a look at how to handle brand conversations the smart way to drive sales:

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8 Ways to Leverage Color Psychology To Increase Sales

Did you know that color plays a key role in the sales conversion process? If you haven’t thought about using color psychology in regard to converting more customers and increasing sales before, now is the time to start – and we have the guide you need to begin!

1. Know Color Theory – Or Hire Someone Who Does

Graphic designers get paid as much as they do is because they have devoted years to studying color theory and how to create specific color palettes for their projects, based on their goals. This isn’t exactly something that can just be picked up, but the more you know, the smarter your general color decisions will be.

Improve Sales Conversion with Color Psychology

Many online guides will take you on a crash course of color theory and how to match colors. They all make essentially the same points. Colors can be divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary shades based on how they are mixed – then tints and shades are added to make the color more unique with an infinite amount of possibilities. Continue reading →

10 Best Practices For Great Catalog Design

10 Best Practices For Great Catalog DesignA great catalog design can be an efficient way to get products in front of potential customers for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) applications.

Most of the information processed by our brain is visual, and people usually respond better to text that is supplemented with highly appealing graphics. Since there is so much competition for people’s attention, proper execution is the key to great catalog design, getting your catalog opened up and used instead of heading straight to the recycling bin.

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5 Fundamentals Resellers Need To Know About Great Print Design

As a print reseller, do you consider yourself a true partner of your print clients? Are you just taking and filling orders or are you focused on building a true partnership with your customer? You don’t want to be considered just another vendor by your print customers so it’s critical that you establish yourself as a true partner.  Understanding the principles of great print design is one of the ways that you can differentiate yourself and set yourself apart from your competitors. Help your customers build the best finished print products by using the following five fundamentals of great print design:

Less Really IS More in Print Design

Fundamentals for Resellers About Great Print DesignThere’s a reason you’ve heard the phrase “less is more” applied to everything from writing to accessorizing. When the eye and brain are over stimulated, viewers become confused about the meaning they are supposed to take away. A customer’s brand depends upon communicating a clear and consistent message to his or her customers. Quality print design captures a viewer’s attention without distraction from extraneous elements. Continue reading →

Key Differences Between Commercial Printers & Trade Printers

How well do you understand the services offered by commercial printers and trade printers?

At first glance the distinction may seem minor, but in reality there are significant differences that should be considered in determining which one is appropriate for specific jobs.

Here is a closer look at the differences between commercial and trade printers:

Operational Differences

Differences Between Commercial Printers & Trade PrintersCommercial printers are retail businesses open to any clients, including end users. They operate in much the same way as any other company does, employing an exclusive sales staff to solicit customers on their behalf by getting job specifications and offering a quoted price for the finished product. Continue reading →