August, 2015

Offset or Digital Printing – Which One Is Best?

Offset or Digital Printing - Which One Is Best?What type of printing should I choose for my print job — offset or digital printing?

OFFSET IS FOR HIGHER QUANTITIES – Offset printing is used for larger print runs, think WSJ News, because the plates cost the same to make no matter what quantity the print run. This makes it more cost efficient for large orders.

DIGITAL WORKS FOR BOTH LARGE AND SMALL RUNS – The value in going digital is its versatility. Both large and or small runs, digital printing can accommodate your needs. Another value added is digital can quickly produce one off proofs unlike offset which would require more time to create because of setup.

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Why You Might Consider Creating a New Company Brochure

If you are having trouble getting customers to take your company brochure with them after a meeting let alone reading it then it might be time to update your company brochure. As you decide how to take your new company brochure to the next level here are 10 things you probably should consider as you tackle this task.

  • Write strong headlines. Eight out of ten online viewers read a blog post headline and then move on without reading anything else. Brochures are no different. If customers pick up your brochures, skim a line or two then put it back down, it’s time to rewrite your brochures headlines. Pull potential clients in right from the start so that they’re compelled to read the entire brochure from beginning to end.
  • No basic contact information. No matter what the goal is for the brochure, you never exclude basic business information, including name, address, phone number, email address, website and social media channels. The main purpose of a company brochure once a customer reads it is that they contact you. Make it easy for them and never leave that just to business card since those can get misplaced or lost.

Consider Creating a New Company Brochure
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Inkjet Graphics Growing By Leaps and Bounds

If you’re a business selling B2B printing services, we at Zoo Printing encourage you not to look over the large format print medium. This industry continues to grow by 20% every year since 2009. Large format like most other technology based print equipment continues to evolve but at a more rapid pace than any other equipment used by printers, due in part by its upward demand. At Zoo Printing our flagship wide format printer used and located in all 3 manufacturing facilities is the Vutek GS3250 pro, that can output at a whopping 126.5” wide and can be set at 600 to 1000dpi for mind-blowing output.

Large Format

If your clients are looking to take it to the next level than wide format is the obvious choice. Lastly, at Zoo Printing you are guaranteed to get the highest quality prints and the fastest turnaround times due to our 3 locations in CA, KY & NJ all ready to service your print needs as quickly as possible.

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Print Industry Adapts to Work Along Side the Digital World

To all those digital only naysayers who continue to bash the print industry. An industry report recently came out in the Wall Street Journal stating that the print industry hit its lowest profits in 2009. Paper mills around the country were decreasing work hours and days of operation. Lower demand for newsprint printing and writing paper account for about 85% of the decrease those blows came by way of the U.S. government to go “paperless”. The Print industry is dead! What?

However, today’s American (digital) culture want more than cheap paper printing, therefore the tide has turned by way of access to online wholesale print companies like Zoo Printing and many retail online companies like Shutterfly and the like. Today customers demand high-quality printing on high-quality paper stock and the industry numbers prove it.

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