May, 2012

Announcing Patented QR Code Technology

You will notice a new feature in the pricing calculator that allows you to order QR codes on all our products. This is part of an exciting new service called QRnsee™. When you choose to add a QRnsee code to any product, you will get a free webpage and QRnsee account to manage your QR code. Link directly to popular social media sites, videos, driving directions and much more instantly from your print product. You can send people to your blog one week, your website the next and later link to a coupon. This is especially helpful if you change your website address; you won’t need to spend money to reprint all your products with a new code. Simply log into your free account and redirect the code’s destination.

To learn more about QRnsee, look at “QR Codes” under the services tab or go to to sign up for your free account.

New Website and Features!

Zoo Printing is excited to launch our new website! Go to any product to explore the changes.

You can experience the new layout and functionality of the Zoo website while we complete our final month of testing. If everything goes as planned, we will be offering the exact same site as we use plus Design Online for business cards in the coming weeks. This is your Advanced Branded Website.

In August, we expect to launch a Premium version of the branded website that includes templates for over 20 products in 250 different categories plus everything the advanced branded website offers.