January, 2012

One Order, Multiple Destinations

Did you know you can place a single order with Zoo and have it divided up and shipped to multiple locations? If you have a client with 10 locations across the country and each location needs 1,000 brochures, you don’t need to place 10 different orders. Simply place an order for 10,000 brochures and supply 10 different shipping addresses. You save money by combining 10 different orders into just one order.

Another smart way to use this service is to have samples of an order sent to you while the rest of the order is sent to your client. Because Zoo overprints on orders over 500 units, your client will still get their full order even if you have up to 20 samples sent to you.

Keep these options in mind when you place your next order.

Expanded Product Line!

Big news! We’re expanding our standard options on ALL 4-Color Offset printing products. More standard options means your orders are more affordable. You are less likely to require custom trim on an order; our most popular custom trim sizes are now standard!

It costs less money to get more of what you want. In addition to adding tons of new sizes, the full line of 4-Color Offset products is increasing order size. Products that used to have a max order of 20,000 are being raised to 100,000. This is designed to give you everything you need for any product in a single, simple order.

So far, we have added 9 new sizes and 2 premium stocks to brochures and 23 new sizes to postcards. More options will be added to 4-Color Offset products every week until we finish upgraded all the products at the end of February.

Check back each week to see the latest product upgrades!

It Pays to be Loyal

We know you are smart. You know how to find the best deal on every product. Is shopping from vendor to vendor to find the lowest price on every individual product really your best solution?

Probably not.

When you mix and match printing from various printing providers, you constantly risk inconsistent products and quality. It’s simply too difficult to manage where every order is sourced, which can make consistency a big problem as different printers use different stocks, inks, color management, and screening.

Zoo Printing provides the best quality printing at the lowest possible prices so that you can avoid taking unnecessary risks with your clients.

Check out our Loyalty Program.

We know some months are busier than others, so we base our Loyalty Program on quarterly data rather than monthly. Loyal customers like you get lower prices on everything you provide your customers — not just a limited selection of products.