May, 2011

Shrink Wrap Available On Select Products

Shrink wrapping is now available on select Zoo Printing products.  Made of polymer plastic film, shrink wrap is one of the most frequently used packaging materials because it’s VERY adaptable.  A wide variety of businesses can benefit from shrink wrapping, due to its strength, versatility and low cost.  Any number of products, large or small, can make use of shrink wrap as a protectant against moist, dirt and other damage.

Use it to protect and extend the life of your printed products by preventing scuffs, scratches, and dust.  Not only will it help protect your orders but products can be bound together in a single unit using shrink wrap, helping you lower the cost of shipping and materials handling by eliminating the hassles of counting and separating, making it easier to sort and distribute, and ultimately, saving you time and money . If you would like to add shrink wrapping to your order look for it on the pricing calculator and select the quantities that you want it to be packaged into. For more information about our new products and services please visit

The shrink wrap we utilize is recyclable and strong enough for large, high-volume packaging needs as well.